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Discover Pole Dance with Antigone

Antigone is a clinical psychology graduate (Master’s Degree from Univ. Of Indianapolis) and grew up in America. She discovered Pole Dance while researching alternative methods in assisting women with their self-confidence.
She studied the art of pole dance in the USA, where she also worked as an instructor for students, as well as other instructors in pole dancing studios.
She completed her Pole Dance Instructor Training from “Discoveries Pole Dance”, sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association USA.

TV Appearances
Shows – Events
  • Art-Theatre project “Mirrors” by Doug Aitken, starring actress Chloe Sevigny (in collaboration with Athens Festival) –  Along with pole dancers Anjel Dust, Amy Guion, and Pole Dance Champion Natasha Wang.
  • Performer at Casablanca Music Hall, with Nina Lotsari & Panagiotis Petrakis
  • Video clip for the hit “Straight to Hell”, by SoundTruck
  • Performer for “No Limits” martial arts events

Discover Pole Dance with Maria

Maria was among the first students of Venus Privé.  Prior to discovering pole dance, she was involved with gymnastics, figure skating and Kick-Boxing.
Maria was trained to be a pole dance instructor by Antigone, and she is friendly, energetic, and treats each student with a lot of patience! She has a unique style that awes her audience, and believes that everyone can learn to dance.

Watch Maria’s video here!

Discover Pole Dance with Eleonora

Eleonora studied economics at the University of Athens and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in ASOEE (EUA) in M.Sc. Marketing and Communication, with a specialization in International Marketing.
Eleonora began pole dancing at Venus Privé in 2010.  She trained intensively, reaching a master level in the art of pole dance.  In 2014, she began teaching Pole Dance in Crete, where she organized the first Pole Dance recital /show on the island with her students.
As a “premium” member of Venus Privé, she has taken part in all studio activities and other events, such as:

  • TV shows
  • All studio recitals (groups and solos)
  • Public performances, such as for “Shape Magazine” at Metro Mall
  • “Pole Shows” appearances in various clubs of Athens
  • Competitor in the first Pole Dance competition in Greece

Other than pole dance, Eleonora experiments with various styles of dancing, from exotic to modern, but she prefers sensual and dramatic styles. What distinguishes her is her preference and use of particular elements which entice her audience.

Watch Eleonora’s Video Here


Guest Instructor Valia

From her very first lesson at Venus Privé, Valia fell in love with the art of pole dance and she decided to pursue it professionally. She had, of course, the appropriate skills to succeed in this.
She did gymnastics for seven years in her childhood and in adolescence she was involved with Competitive Aerobic. She also played volleyball and took hip-hop classes.
Apart from sports activities, Valia has a degree in Physical Therapy from the Technological Institute of Athens. She currently studies for a postgraduate course specializing in musculoskeletal injuries, for the title of H_HOMTD (Hellenic Orthopeadic Manipulative Therapists’s Diploma). She also works as a physical therapist and teaches pole dance at Venus Privé.
Her talent, discipline and enthusiasm, along with the training and guidance of Antigone, helped her to become a successful instructor in Pole Dance.
She continues intensive training in Pole Dance at Venus Privé.

Guest Instructor Markos

Apart from Pole Dance, Markos studies Modern Dance (Release, Graham), Classic Ballet, Improvisation and Rhythmic at the State Vocational School Dance (State School of Dance), in order to increase his knowledge and his natural ability to dance.
Markos is a graduate student of the Medical Laboratories department of TEI of Athens. He became involved in sports at the age of 5, and started with several years of martial arts (Tang Soo Do & Moo-Duk Kwan). He attended gymnastics for two years and reached the third level of Kite Surf (Iko International Kiteboarding Organization) after three years of training.

Markos is a natural dancer and has worked in various clubs. He learned to pole dance at a professional level at Venus Privé, where he also trained to become an instructor.

Guest Instructor Alejandro

Accredited by International Sports & Sciences Association and BACE/Equinox Pilates, Alejandro has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. He is best known for his work as a professional dancer in the TV, film, and stage industry, performing with recording artists such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Gloria Estefan and many more.

Additionally he also performed with the Metropolitan Ballet Company, and Liz Imperio’s Instincts Contemporary Dance Company in Los Angeles. Recently he performed with Anna Vissi for several months at the Arena Theater in Athens Greece.

Alex can also be seen in numerous fitness videos by Beach Bodies; the company responsible for Hip Hop Abs, P90X, and Insanity. After instructing in LA for a number of years he now can be found at Edge Performing Arts in Los Angeles, Equinox Gym in Miami Florida, and Venus Privé in Athens Greece.

His style of teaching is a perfect combination of controlled core-centric exercises, explosive multifunctional exercises, and agility based training methods. His clients achieve high levels of strength, weight loss, agility, and balance. His classes and sessions will rebuild the body you deserve in an enjoyable environment.

Guest Instructor Αngela Pandelis