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About us

Venus Privé – Athens Pole Dance provides a safe and pleasant environment that will help you gain maximum fitness and confidence.
All courses are based on the idea that every woman has the ability to discover and develop her femininity, fitness and self-confidence.

Our studio provides a full body and spirit program that aims for a  complete and balanced self via pole dance, fun alternative activities, and psychological support.

Each class consists of:
10-15 minutes – warm up & strength conditioning
40-45 minutes – dance, technique, & acrobatic movements on the pole
5-10 minutes – cool down & stretching


  • What exactly is pole dancing?

    It is a form of dance, combining dance and acrobatic gymnastics around and on a metal pole. There are many styles of pole dance styles, including exotic, sensual, contemporary, dramatic, lyrical, athletic. It is the choice of each student to use any style they like.

  • Do I need to be in good physical shape, or have a dance/gymnastics background?

    No. The art of pole dancing is taught from the beginning, starting with the basics.  The beginner classes will help you to achieve a strong body quickly, and will progress you to higher levels.

  • Who can learn to pole dance?

    Every woman and man! It is a dance/fitness activity for all body types and for all ages. At our studio, you must be at least 16 years of age.

  • What do I need to wear in the class?

    Shorts and T-shirt/tank top are the ideal outfit for pole dancing. It is necessary for legs and arms to be uncovered so that the skin can grip on the pole (clothing tends to slide).  Jewelry or watches are prohibited as they might scratch the pole or cause injury.  Body lotion and other creams are also prohibited because they will make the pole very slippery and dangerous.

  • How can I enroll or try a pole dancing class?

    To register, you can call us or visit us during open hours, where you can book your place for an introductory class.
    This class is only for students who have never taken a pole dance class before, so no one will have previous experience.  This class will also help you can decide if you want to continue, while also giving you the foundations needed for the first level classes.

  • How often should I come to class?

    As often as you like! All classes are drop-in. Buy purchasing a monthly class package, you can reserve your spots (for your level), without having to commit to a specific day and time per week.
    You can plan your classes as you wish during the month. The month begins on the day of your first class, and is valid for 30 days (Ex. If your first class is on 25/04, then the package will expire on 25/05).

  • Will I lose progress or get ``left behind`` if I miss classes or come less often than others?

    Each student comes as often as she/he wants to, and each progresses at their own pace. There are variations/modifications for all the moves taught in each class. There will always be students who are more or less advanced, regardless of the frequency of their visits. So, the classes are designed to accommodate everyone and meet each students’ needs.

  • When will I see a difference in my body;

    This depends on how often you come and how much energy you put into the class. Ideally, a beginner student will train two times a week (or 8 Pole Dance Classes per month), and take some additional Fitness Classes as well. Most students who follow this recommendation, start seeing results in about a month.

  • What are the Pole Fitness classes;

    There are 4 types of Pole Fitness classes at our studio.
    Most are relevant to and helpful for  Pole Dance, while simultaneously tightening up and toning the body.
    They are also a bit less expensive than the Pole Dance classes, and there are special offers when combined with Pole Dance packages.  All Fitness classes are for all levels.
    Sexy Flexy:  Flexibility class with emphasis on legs and splits.
    Bendy Backs: Flexibility class with emphasis on back (spine) and shoulders.
    Boot Camp: Power class for strengthening the whole body.
    BootyLicious: Class for tightening and toning the muscles of lower part of the body, with particular emphasis on the legs, abs and glutes.

  • What is the free training (Open Play)?

    At least 2 times per week, we schedule certain hours that you can come and train for free (providing you have an active class package).
    These hours are not supervised by an instructor. You can use this time to practice  what you have learned in class.

  • Can I cancel my reservation;

    Yes, you can cancel your reservation without charge, if you do so at least 6 hours before class. You can cancel your reservation by yourself via the Online System (we give you the needed details), or via SMS on studio’s mobile number. You can then reschedule your class for whenever you want within your package’s month (before the expiration date).

  • How many people are on course;

    There are only 2-9 students per class, with one student per pole.  Each student is given personal attention by the instructor.

  • Can I get an extra discount?

    Discounts are already available in the larger class packages and in packages that combine  Pole Dance classes with Pole Fitness classes. Because of the limited spts available and small number of students per class, there are no discounts for university/college students, unemployed, siblings or friends. We do our best and we offer quality and superior training in all classes and services. During the year there are various opportunities for special gifts and offers.

  • For further information, contact us!